Hourly Rate: $75 an hour
Web Hosting: $175 a year
Domain Names: $18 a year
Sample Web Site Pricing
18 Hour Web Site with Hosting & Domain: $1,543 (Typical Site)
22 Hour Web Site with Hosting & Domain: $1,843
Addon A Mobile Site To Your Package: $600 (No Recurring Cost)
Every web site is different and just about always requires a meeting to discuss the details.

Get A Quote From Square 1 Design

Square 1 Design's rates are designed to be affordable for any business here at the South Jersey Shore. When picking a design company to do your web site, we suggest you look primarily at 3 things:

#1 - The Cost
Because a companies hourly rate is less or more, does not determine the cost of the final product. Does the company have hidden fees in the cost? What does it cost for web hosting / domain each year? How long will it take the company to complete your web site? Square 1 Design offers an outstanding service at rates you will find much less then our competitors.

#2 - The Product
Lets say you get your quote back from Square 1 Design and you also get 2 quotes back from other companies. Let's say one quote came in $200 less then Square 1 Design and one quote came in $1,000 more then Square 1 Design. If you are on a tight budget and that $200 is a big difference, contact Square 1 Design and provide them the quote by the other company. At times, we may not be able to adjust our price, but we would appreciate having the opportunity to try to adjust our quote to win your business! Also, if a quote comes in much higher then Square 1 Design, it certainly does not mean the product will be better if you go with their company. Don't let the high price tag make you think their product is better, see for yourself by comparing our portfolio with their work.

#3 - The Service
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! We understand that this is not your expertise and we will be able to walk you through the process. Square 1 Design also encourages you to reach out to any of our clients and ask about our service. A company's reputation is extremely important for maintaining a successful business here at the South Jersey Shore and we look forward to having the opportunity to show you why our clients continue to choose Square 1 Design for all their web site needs!

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